Update to our show

Update to our show Update to our show
Updates will be posted for 2020 show as we get them,  Thanks Bear

( P.S. We have photos from the 2019 show up and will get more posted as I get them. Thanks again for coming. Lynn & Bear )

Good Morning!,
Another wonderful Salute to Veterans Car & Motorcycle Show was held on August 10th.  Even with the threat of rain (which didn’t materialize) the event was very successful.  We had almost 400 vehicles including a huge assortment of beautiful cars, motorcycles, military vehicles and city/county vehicles. Three amazing helicopters landed to the delight of the attendees…a Huey, a Loach and a Black Hawk!   There was Optimus Prime and his partner the ‘Veteran’ Truck.  Star Wars & Super Heroes roamed around, and Miss Oregon greeted attendees and helped with trophy presentations.  The Tribute to Veterans Ceremony was a highlight of the event, our silent auction/raffle were a huge success, and the Corral Creek Blue Grass and Got Your Six Rock & Roll Bands were terrific!
Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors, our volunteers, our vendors and our participants who made it all possible.  Because of your generosity, you time and your donations we were able to raise almost $30,000 this year. (this brings the total raised in these eight Show fundraisers to just under a quarter million dollars…all for the veterans, as we are able to get so many budget items donated. We will be using our proceeds this year to purchase a passenger van for the newly opened Veterans Village, a transitional tiny house village for 15 veterans in Clackamas. There is no mass transit nearby so this will allow residents to get to services and resources. 
Please keep spreading the word to help with more awareness so we can continue to grow.  Also let me know what suggestions you  have to make it even better in 2020.  It will be held on August 8, 2020…same place…same time, so mark your calendars!
We would like to add photos to our website so if you took some, would you please send them to me??
Take Care,
Lynn Kirwan