Show Cancelled for 2020

Show Cancelled for 2020

Good Day Friends,

Well, it looks like I was one day pre-mature! My ‘Good News’ for the Veterans Car & Motorcycle Show still being on, is now OFF … Governor Brown has cancelled all large gatherings until October. So, we are out of luck…
One really good thing is that we are still receiving funds from our friends and show participants that will assist our local homeless veterans and their families in need. So instead of waiting until August to distribute these funds, we will distribute to the Veterans Village and the Salvation Army Veterans & Family Center now, as the need is so great at this time.
Please, if you can see your way clear to help in these efforts, send a donation of any size to us at Saluting Our Veterans 4931 SW 76th Ave #151, Portland Or 97225. Or you can email or call me with a credit card and I will process it for you.
  A huge ‘thank you’ to all of you for your support.  Our veterans thank you more than you know…

Take Care,
Lynn Kirwan


This is from Bear and I am writing this separate from Lynn or any other volunteers.
As a Paralyzed Veteran I am terribly upset that our Governor has taken it upon Herself to put this restriction on outside gatherings until October. I do not believe she even has the authority to do so but not positive. So much can happen in three months and it is totally irresponsible to shut things down this far in advance. The Veterans have already lost the Wheelchair games planned in July which has been 40 years since we have had it in Portland. We are not able to swim, go to wheelchair Yoga or any other activities that are set up to help disabled Vets. Now we must cancel the Veterans car show which provides money for many veteran groups to help their people. When you take away individuals’ ability to look forward to something, it causes many to become more depressed than they normally are. We need leaders which use common sense when making decisions and not looking beyond their own agendas for power and control and looking at what is best for all. The medical doctors have said that the virus is not transferred outdoors hardly ever but mostly indoor activities. The Sun and heat help to kill this virus much quicker outdoors. I just want to say that I put the blood of any of my Veteran brothers and sisters (Lord forbid) that would take their own lives for loss of hope and something to live for on the head of Governor Brown. This applies to all Governors that use their own agenda and Ideologies ahead of what is best for their people. Let us take it one month at a time.
I would also like to tell you that they have canceled the Washington county fair and carnival for this year. Next year’s show will be
August 14th, 2021. Thanks Bear